Welcome to the home of the Fair Yoga Institute (FYI), where we believe in the support and well-being of yoga teachers. On this website, you can find more information about our services, events and our hopes for the future.

Click here for details on workshops for yoga teachers. The first is taking place on April 28th 2016. It will be about how nutrition can support us in our demanding schedules, rethinking it as self-care and extension of our yoga practice. 

Below is what we stand for – our vision and our values.


Support & supervision

Supporting yoga teachers physically, emotionally and psychologically through workshops, supervision, and restorative practices.

Guidance & Professional Development

Providing knowledge, guidance and information for ongoing training and sustainable professional development.

Balanced Relationships & Community

Developing a robust infrastructure that protects yoga teachers and strengthens balanced relationships within the yoga community.



Care for yoga teachers. We believe that the better care they receive the greater the benefits for all.


Honesty about the challenges faced by yoga teachers. We believe an open discourse about the issues in the yoga industry offers the potential for collective solutions.


Collaboration-based growth. We believe a strong community fosters sustainability.